5 More World Whiskies You Might Not Know

World Whiskey - New ways to fill your whiskey glass!

World whiskey is a loose term that we are using to define whiskies produced outside of the traditional production nations of Ireland, Scotland, Japan & the USA. There is an ever growing number of distilleries operating in other parts of the world now and some of the whiskey is dram well worth trying! This is the second in an ongoing series of articles in which we will attempt to keep TheWhiskeyRecord for all new world distilleries!


Cardrona Distillery have made quite a splash in the whiskey world! They make spirits with pure alpine water sourced from the heart of Mount Cardrona, from New Zealand’s Southern Alps, and locally foraged seasonal ingredients to produce an unparalleled signature taste.

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cardrona distillery

The Cardrona Single Malt Whisky "Just Hatched" is a special natural cask strength bottling marking the momentous occasion of reaching three years old. A marriage of ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks, this "Just Hatched" Whisky reveals Cardrona's underlying character of borage flower honey, vanilla, spice, with weighted spirit on the tongue - an indication of the adult whisky to come.



Nestled in the heart of the beautiful Cotswolds countryside, Costswolds distillery is the first full-scale distillery in the Cotswolds. They craft a range of single malt whiskies, gins and liqueurs, including the award-winning Cotswolds Dry Gin and Cotswolds Single Malt Whisky.

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cotswolds distillery

Cotswolds Single Malt Whisky is the first whisky ever distilled in the Cotswolds. Made using 100% locally grown, floor-malted barley and matured in first-fill ex-Bourbon barrels and reconditioned red wine casks. Rich, fruity and sippable with notes of honey, Seville orange marmalade and dark red fruits.


Based in London the Bimber Distillery was founded by whisky lovers, with a mission to produce high-quality single malt whisky with character, using traditional methods. Bimber’s first casks were laid down on the 26th May 2016 and we released our inaugural single malt whisky (The First) three years later in September of 2019 – the limited release of 1,000 hand numbered bottles sold out in 3 hours!

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bimber distillery

Single Cask Release – Sherry cask, a beautifully sweet and rich single malt, full matured in a single Ex-Pedro Ximenez sherry cask. Sourced from Spain, this cask was previously utilised in a Jerez Solera for several decades, imparting a delectable selection of bright and rich fruit-forward notes.


Amrut Distilleries Ltd is an Indian company that produces distilled beverages. It is best known for its eponymous Amrut brand of single malt whisky, which is the first single malt whisky to be made in India. The brand became famous after world famous whisky connoisseur Jim Murray gave it a rating of 82 out of 100 in 2005 and 2010. In 2010, Murray named Amrut Fusion single malt whisky as the third best in the world.

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amrut whiskey indian

The main or indeed flagship bottling in the range of Amrut single malts. This is distilled and aged in the foothills of the Himalayas. Distinctly confident liquorice-bourbon notes with near perfect bitter-sweet balance; burnt honeycomb and toffee also abound.


In the year of 1857 when Jakob Baumberger returned home from his studies in Munich, the newly graduated masterbrewer founded a distillery at his father's farm. In 1939, the Swiss government banned the distillation of grain and potatoes during the World War II, as these foods were important part of the national nutrition. The repeal of the ban in Switzerland on distilling from grain and potatoes in 1999 laid the foundations for Hans Baumberger III to pursue his great-grandfather’s vision and, in the best family tradition, create hand-crafted ‘LANGATUN’ single malt whiskies.

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langatun whiskey

Langatun Sherry Cask Finish Pedro Ximenez Single Malt Whisky. The most important country of production for Pedro Ximénez is Spain. Especially in the sunny south of Spain this grape variety is widely cultivated. Andalusia is a world leader in the production of the sweet berries. After a pre-ageing in a Chardonnay cask, which gives the whisky a filigree sweetness with beautiful vanilla and wood notes, this special single malt whisky is transferred for a few more months for the special finish in a Pedro Ximenez American oak sherry cask to give the whisky its additional fine aromas.

The pleasantly spicy sherry notes combine perfectly with the beautiful sweet vanilla and wood notes of the Chardonnay cask and complete the whisky harmoniously. A long-lasting finish with the typical sherry notes of Pedro Ximenez remains on the palate. The bottling is limited to approximately 490 bottles.

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