Drams to Try - Peg Whisky Small Batch Exclusive

This is a limited release of 3000 bottles of Peg’s Small Batch Blended Scotch. The whiskey is sourced from a mystery Speyside distillery.
We were lucky enough to get our hands on a sample of this exclusive release and tried it in a number of different glasses.

This is an impressive debut offering for newcomers Peg Whisky. The Small Batch Exclusive’s stablemates include an entry level blend and a very interesting punchy cask strength coming in north of 60% abv. You can learn more here

This is certainly a pleasant sniff, full of sweet notes. Candied cherries, mandarin, grape are to the fore.
The mouth feel is perhaps just on the oily side. It has a pleasing balance of sweet elements and malt. Caramel, butterscotch, malt, currants all in play.
Extends nicely with continued sweet flavours finishing with more elemental tones of malted barley and oak

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