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Glendalough Pot Still Batch 2

It seems like these days in Ireland there is a new distillery or whiskey hitting our shelves every week! The Glendalough Distillery was among Ireland’s first craft whiskey producers. It was founded by 5 friends with a mutual love of Irish whiskey and steeped in the lore and legend of Ireland. The distillery is located in a narrow glacial valley in the Wicklow mountains, about an hour or so south of Dublin. Glendalough, pronounced glen-de-lock, is Gaelic for the glen of two lakes. County Wicklow, in which the valley is situated, is known as the “Garden of Ireland” and is among the most visited scenic attractions in the country.

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The Glendalough output has expanded since their inception but remains underpinned by a central approach; Single malts and single grains, all bourbon barrel aged, and finished in a second, very different cask.


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glendalough pot still irish whiskey

Following on from gold medal winning Batch 1 at the World Spirits Awards San Francisco 2020, The Glendalough Pot Still Batch 2 is made up from a 2:1 mash bill of unmalted and malted Irish barley, matured for 3 years in a Bourbon cask and a year in Irish oak sourced from the lands around the distillery.



Malt to the fore with earthy notes initially followed by an unveiling of sweeter custard and green grape. Additional twists of clove, charred wood and star anise.


Mouth feel is oily and flavours develop from hot ginger and clove through woody and herbal notes


Unexpectedly long for a whiskey of this age. A cloying sweetness hangs pleasantly over an extended wood finish, the spices and oak increasingly to the fore


This is an excellent example of quality Irish Pot Still Whiskey. Despite it's youth it is very well developed. At this price point, the Glendalough Pot Still Batch 2 is hard to beat!



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