Know The Difference Series - Whiskey Knowledge

The know the difference series focuses on salient points of differences between different whiskies and distilleries. We want to help whiskey drinkers everywhere understand the difference between master blenders and distillers, finishes, mash bills and many more besides! 

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All our factoids are free to repurpose, use and share. Spread the knowledge and whiskey love!

sherry cask whisky
difference between blended whisky and single malt
single malt and pot still difference
peat taste in whiskey
does added colouring change the taste of whiskey
what size are whiskey barrels
what is non chill filtering
does whiskey evaporate
whiskey cask finish
whisky sauternes cask
bourbon 1st fill cask whisky
At TheWhiskeyRecord we seek to provide whiskey glassware to our generation of whiskey drinkers. For whiskey drinkers remain the true  frontiersmen of the world. Those who embrace the fire of that violent first sip, the smokey, iodine laced siren call of peat and the enduring warming embrace of the spirit in our stomachs. 
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