Our Guide to Whiskey Glasses

The glass you use to drink your whiskey can have quite an impact on the taste of a fine whiskey. Learn more below and let us know your favourite glass!


1. While that single whiskey tumbler might cost you $15 to $30, that bottle of whiskey was plenty more. With your whiskey glass, you are elevating from pedestrian drinking into refined experiences.

2. Respect for the craft: Whiskey distilling is an art. With an excellent glass, you are enjoying the craftsman’s work, but also showing your level of respect for their work.

3. Your enjoyment: To actually enjoy a whiskey, you must be able to nose it (smell it), and appreciate the smells that waft out of the whiskey.

The Tulip Glass

This glass is based on the copita – the traditional Spanish glass used to sample sherry. It’s become the choice of master distillers, blenders and true whisky connoisseurs around the world. It was once named the ‘dock’ glass on account of its use by merchants who used it to nose wines and spirits at docksides.

Its long stem prevents the drinker’s hand (and its polluting smells) from coming too close to the nose, while its bowl shape concentrates aromas through the slightly narrowed rim. The glass can be easily cradled so the spirit can be warmed if desired. Overall, this is a glass suited to the true appreciation of the nuances of single malt whisky.

The Elite Sipper

Similar in shape to the tulip-shaped glass, Elite Sipper is considered a more robust vessel, although it’s equally suited to appreciation. Its short, solid base makes for a stable glass popular amongst those who don’t favour stems. The glass is also somewhat thicker and this means it’s more substantial for convivial drinking.

Due to its size, the Elite Sipper is the perfect glass for learning how to swirl whisky too, a practice commonly used to open up the aromas of whisky for full appreciation. Again, a bowl-shape channels aromas towards a narrowed rim. This one’s the modern, less ‘showy’ relative of the tulip-shaped glass, and one solely dedicated to whisky.

The Dreamy Dram

With their outward-facing lips and elongated bodies, the Dreamy Dram Glasses naturally retain the creamy qualities of a premium single malt.

 Additionally, the positioning of the outer rim sets your mouth and taste buds up for maximum flavour extraction, particularly on sweeter drams.

The Whiskey Tasting Glass

A glass firmly rooted in the gentlemen’s club, this one oozes class – think whisky and cigars in the smoking room after dinner. Commonly used for brandy, it’s now very much a glass for the consumption of dark, aged spirits in general.

They’re often designed so that, when held partially horizontal, the spirit doesn’t spill out. But all these opulent associations don’t necessarily make for a superior drinking vessel – the snifter’s extravagantly wide body and tight rim can encourage the release of harsh ethanol vapours, overpowering other aromas.

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