TheWhiskeyRecord for the Peg Limited Edition Second Release

Peg Whiskey finds some rare Port Dundas Distillery Whiskey with their latest offering


Indie set up Peg Whiskey have been gathering a lot of attention in recent months. Their trio of releases in the second half of 2020 were greeted with general acclaim. A friendly price point and a fine dram, what’s not to like.

The second official single cask Limited Edition release from Peg Whisky is a magnificent 11 year old Single Grain Whisky, distilled at the Port Dundas distillery from the Lowland region, which closed back in 2010.

After a decade away Peg Whiskey has returned Port Dundas albeit only a limited release of 274 bottles available worldwide.

This is a cask strength whiskey, non-chill filtered and the slightly pale colour is a very welcome rejoinder to the increasingly caramel coloured output of some ‘leading’ distillers and bottlers. 

Tasting Notes & Details

Glass: TheWhiskeyRecord Tasting Glass


ABV: 59.1%


Butterscotch and toffee. A warm nose to begin followed by mown grass and a zesty fruity hint, maybe melon.


A delight here. Chewy and creamy with lots of sweat treats to begin before peppery, even chili notes hit. This lays over a pleasant smokiness.


Balanced well rounded with spices, fruits, and smoke lingering over wood

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