TheWhiskeyRecord - Annual Whiskey Awards 2020 - Best Peated Scotch

We are proud to announce the Ardbeg Uigedail as the TheWhiskeyRecord Best Peated Scotch of 2020.

Uigedail or 'dark, curious or mysterious' by name and very much so by nature. The Uigedail is the latest in a long line of very fine releases from Ardbeg. TheWhiskeyRecord notes that our Best Peated award recognises the best peated whiskey as opposed to the most peaty. We feel Ardbeg have hit the peat notes just right here.

Tasting Notes

ABV - 54.2%


Chocolate-covered caramel and barley sugar with smoky leather, raisins and linseed oil.


Chewy and oily with rich fruit-cake sweetness leading to honey and barbecue smoke.


Long, dry and sweet with honey and treacle.

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