Whisky in the Movies - A Photo Essay

Whisky in Film

The beautiful gold juice of the barley has oft sparkled on the silver screen. From the obligatory mention of 'Suntory Time' to the hurried bottles of whisky that seemed to fuel a generation of Vietnam war films. 

We have selected in no particular order a few of our favourite whisky in film moments. 


The great Bill Murray made Suntory a household name in the west

lost in translation whisky

‘So what are you doing here?’

‘Couple of things. Taking a break from my wife, forgetting my son’s birthday and, uh, getting paid two million dollars to endorse a whisky when I could be doing a play somewhere… But the good news is the whisky works.’

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Michael Fassbender's obligation to a fine scotch

inglorious bastards bar scene

While there’s no mention of the whisky’s brand in the tavern visited by Tarantino’s gang of undercover Nazi hunters, it is said to be fine stuff. Once Lt. Archie’s cover has been blown by the enemy, he lights a cigarette and calmly says “there’s a special rung in hell reserved for people who waste good Scotch”, then he hurries his glass with a hand and shortly after pulls the trigger with the other.

best whisky glasses

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How fast can you say 'Mark Strong Product Promotes Strongly'

kingsman whisky

The Statesman are the “American cousins” of the Kingsman and being in the States, it’s only fair that the whiskey of choice is Bourbon. This film takes product placement to the next level, as the Kentucky gold plays a major role in the story and the specific edition was bottled specially to accompany the film.


Interstellar single malt

star trek whisky

Captain Kirk gets a very earthling birthday surprise after Dr. McCoy steals a bottle of whisky from Chekhov’s locker. Being Russian, it’s no wonder that they had always assumed Chekhov would be a “vodka guy” however, he seems to know his single malts. Kirk and McCoy toast, serving a third glass in honour to the captain’s late father.


It's the end of the world as we know it and the scotch is fine

day after tomorrow whiskey

What to do when you’re stuck during the worst ice storm the world has ever seem? We like the way they think at the Scottish research station in this cheesy disaster movie. One of the men in the group suggests to fuel the dying power generator with the whisky while a more senior member of the team doesn’t take that suggestion so well: “Are you mad?,”he says, “That’s a 12 year-old Scotch!” and proceeds to get some lowball glasses.


Making Manhattan's with Marilyn

marilyn monroe whisky

Marilyn Monroe is looking stunning as Sugar Kane and she’s ready to share a cheeky bottle of Bourbon with one of the cross-dressing guys hiding as musicians in an all-girl band. The occasion is about to turn into a secret party for two but then they’re surprised by Sugar’s colleague who happens to still have “that bottle of vermouth.”

“We can make Manhattans!” Marilyn says with a smile in a hilarious case of unaware third wheeling.

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