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Dingle Distillery (Ireland)

Dingle have been the trailblazers of the Irish whiskey revival and were the first of the new breed of distillers to start making whiskey. Now they have come of age and finally have some whiskey ready to drink. Thei first release was a single cask of the 2nd barrel to be filled at the distillery, which sold out rapidly. Thankfully, they have now produced an ongoing release of their cask strength single malt to enjoy.

5 Whiskies to Try in 2021

Knappogue Castle Tasting

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Founder Oliver Hughes described the pristine newborn spirit as "malty, mooth, delecate, velvety." That spirit, having aged in Bourbon casks in the uniquely mild, moist, maritime microclimate of of Dingle, the most westerly town in Europe, is now an exceptional and tantalisingly rare whiskey. Unfortunately, Oliver passed away earlier this year so did not get to see his fantastic creation on our shelf. Oliver was a driving force in the Irish craft beer and spirits industry and a true inspiration to many. We are sure he would be incredibly proud of these new fantastic releases.

One to try - Dingle Pot Still

dingle pot still



Heaven Hill (USA)

The Heaven Hill distillery is relativity young for a big whiskey distillery. It was founded two years after the prohibition ended. In 1935 the Old Heavenhill Springs was founded by a group of investors and the Shapira brothers. It was a great risk to invest in such a business and hard times lay ahead for the Heaven Hill distillery.

The Heaven Hill distillery has many brands and many different whiskeys in their range. The range goes from premium whiskeys like the Elijah Craig, Evan Williams or Parker's to more standard bottlings like the Old Fitzgerald or the brand Heaven Hill.

Overall the Heaven Hill whiskeys are quite old for Bourbons as you have Elijah Craig 18-year-old as a standard bottling or Parker's 27-year-old as one of the very old Bourbons. These old Bourbons are also very smooth in terms of spirit sharpness, but they also pick up a of the deeper and darker wood flavours.

One to try – Elijah Craig 18 Year Old

elijah craig 18


Isle of Raasay

The first legal distillery on the Isle of Raasay in northwest Scotland, with a vision to create the finest Hebridean single malt Scotch whisky and a unique whisky destination with arguably the best view from any distillery in Scotland.

Raasay lies to the east of the Isle of Skye in the Inner Hebrides. With the exception of sporadic illicit distilling before the 1850s, there has been no whisky making on Raasay until today. Raasay was chosen because of the exciting prospect it offers and arguably, the best view in Scotland.

One to try – Isle of Raasay While We Wait

isle of raasay


Kavalan (Taiwan)

Kavalan is the distillery that put Taiwanese whisky on the map, and it has been wowing drinkers around the world since it launched its first whisky in 2008. Known for its tropical-fruit style, it has won a host of prest Kavalan sources the mineral-rich meltwaters of Snow Mountain and is aged in a unique combination of intense heat and humidity together with sea and mountain breezes. All this combines to create the quality, smoothness, and fruity character for which Kavalan is known.

Kavalan takes Yilan County's old name. A land of blessings, it was here that entrepreneur Mr. Tien-Tsai Lee dreamed of a new whisky homeland and a ‘century-old’ distillery to last generations.igious awards in a very short time.

One to try -Kavalan Soloist

kavalan soloist

Matsui Kurayoshi – Japan

One to try – Kurayoshi Pure Malt

kurayoshi pure malt

Founded in 1910 “Matsui Shuzou” is located in the Tottori Prefecture, northwest of Kyoto on the shore of the Sea of Japan. Aged for more than 3 years in ex-bourbon white oak casks. It has a soft and refreshing fragrance of malted barley complimented by sweet notes of rum raisins, malt and vanilla. The finish is light, a subtle reminder of the Tottori pure spring water which is used in the distillation process. This whisky is non chill-filtered.

5 Whiskies to Try in 2021

Knappogue Castle Tasting

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