King George IV Whiskey Glass

King George IV Whiskey Glass

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A Whiskey Glass Fit For Royalty

The King George IV Whiskey Glass, named in honour of the King who passed the Excise Act of 1823 which granted the first whiskey licenses to Scottish distillers. This whiskey glass has been designed to honour the regal drammer. The carefully etched gold trace detailing indicate a rich and whiskey soaked lineage. The deep cut finger grooves are reminiscient of a sword handle echoing the warrior spirit of the ancient Kings who first ruled Scotland’s lush green whiskey giving lands.

Whiskey Glass Treatment Notes

This product is made from high quality crystal glass and it is not recommended for use in the dishwasher. Warm water and a gentle cloth is your best friend!

This whiskey glass holds 280ml of whiskey and is the ideal whiskey gift for any whiskey lover!


Whiskey Glass Product Details280ml

  • Dimensions 98H) x 72(Ø)mm
  • Gold Trace Detailing
  • Material Crystal glass
  • Weight 1.22kg
 BPA Free Handmade


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