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Edo Churippu Glass With Wooden Box

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The Edo Churippu design is based on the shape and contours of a tulip

Our Edo range of whiskey glasses are handmade in Japan following ancient Japanese glass blowing tradition. Each glass in the Edo range comes with a handmade and stenciled wooden box.

  • Unique and Stylish: Each whisky glass is carefully handcrafted from high-quality glass with timeless design. Is a piece of elegant art, not just a glass.
  • Solid and heavy base design: The thick walls and heavy weighted base are extremely durable and keep your drink insulated at the perfect temperature for longer, whether you prefer your drinks ice cold or room temperature.
  • Elegant Wooden Gift Box: Treat yourself or give this gift set and make someone's special day. Packed in an elegant presentation box, makes a perfect gift for Birthdays, Christmas, House Warming, or Wedding Anniversary.
  • Enjoy without worry: These whisky glasses are highly durable will retain their sparkle for many years to come.

Whiskey Glass Treatment Notes

This whiskey glass is made from high quality lead free borosilicate glass and it is not recommended for use in the dishwasher. Warm water and a gentle cloth is your best friend!

This glass holds 150ml of whiskey.

Whiskey Glass Product Details

  • 150ml
  • Dimensions 10.5cm x3.1 cm
  • Material Boroscilicate Glass
  • Weight 800g
 BPA Free Handmade

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