Globe Whiskey Decanter
Globe Whiskey Decanter

Globe Whiskey Decanter

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The whiskey decanter for the worldly whiskey drinker!

Our globe whiskey decanter holds 850ml of your favourite whiskey and is a firm favourite among home bar minimalists and fans of an understated dram.  This product is also available with two glasses as per the product image.

Why use a decanter? Like many things in life appearance counts for a lot. A controlled taste experimented conducted by the University of Stirlingshire involved pouring a glass of whiskey from the bottle to one group and the same whiskey from a decanter to another group. 

Incredibly the group that drank the whiskey poured from the decanter scored the taste of the whiskey 13 points higher on a 1-100 scale on average than the group who drank the same whiskey poured from the bottle! Let us know if it works for you!


Whiskey Decanter Product Details

  • 850ml
  • Material Boroscilicate Glass
  • Weight 2.31kg
 BPA Free Handmade

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