Tulip Whiskey Glass
Tulip Whiskey Glass

Tulip Whiskey Glass

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The Tulip Whiskey Glass - A twist on a classic style!

The Tulip Whiskey Glass is based on the copita – the traditional Spanish glass used to sample sherry. It’s become the choice of master distillers, blenders and true whisky connoisseurs around the world. It was once named the ‘dock’ glass on account of its use by merchants who used it to nose wines and spirits at docksides. Its long stem prevents the drinker’s hand (and its polluting smells) from coming too close to the nose, while its bowl shape concentrates aromas through the slightly narrowed rim. The glass can be easily cradled so the spirit can be warmed if desired. Overall, this is a glass suited to the true appreciation of the nuances of single malt whisky.

Tulip Whiskey Glass Treatment Notes

This is a high quality glass product and it is not recommended for use in the dishwasher. Warm water and a gentle cloth is your best friend!

This glass holds 340ml of whiskey.

Whiskey Glass Product Details

  • 340ml
  • Dimensions 93(H) x 65(Ø)mm
  • Material Cyrstal Glass
  • Weight 950g

Tulip Whiskey Glass - Product Overview

 BPA Free Handmade


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