Whiskey Tasting Goblet
Whiskey Tasting Goblet

Whiskey Tasting Goblet

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A whiskey glass designed to improve your whiskey

Don’t let your whiskey suffer in a mundane glass, it’s hard to adjust after leaving the warm wooden barrel! Give your whiskey the gift of a great whiskey glass. What difference can a good glass make?

Well, the shape and contours affect the molecule dispersion of the liquid, a well designed glass will trap heavier molecules lower in the glass allowing our sense of smell to find previously hidden notes in the nose of the whiskey. Furthermore the enduring craft that goes into producing a good whiskey is honored by the time and effort we have invested in the design, material sourcing and production of our Whiskey Tasting Goblet.

Whiskey Glass Treatment Notes

This product is made from high quality crytal glass and it is not recommended for use in the dishwasher. Warm water and a gentle cloth is your best friend!

MATERIAL High Quality Crystal. Flame polished for superb sheen and clarity
FINISHING Hand ground, diamond wheel cut, sandblasted
DIMENSIONS 182 mm high x 82 mm wide (at mouth)
CAPACITY ~ 245 ml 
WEIGHT ~ 480 grams 
PACKAGING Lightweight, eco-friendly, glass packing wrap


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